Importing demo content

The fastest way to import our demo content is to use the One Click Demo Importer. The Demo Content Importer provides you with all pages and posts, sample sliders, widgets, theme options, assigned pages, and more. Using this import feature is recommended for fresh installs. The automatic import will NOT replace existing content, however. We always recommend running it on a fresh WordPress installation.

  1. Make sure you have all the required plugins installed and activated.
  2. Navigate to Appearance > Import Demo Data.
  3. Choose Demo
  4. Then Click to Import Demo Data
  5. Wait until the import routine is done. Please be patient and don’t navigate away, as this can take a few minutes depending on your host’s performance.
  6. You will be notified once the importing process is completed.
  7. After completing the demo import change the permalink structure

Go to appearance>menus

Replace the “custom links” URL into your domain name

Go to “ProlLancer Opt>header”

  1. set alternative logo of your main logo
  2. Define “login and register page” while users are not registered they will redirect to that page

Click Save changes

Make sure

  1. frontend dashboard
  2. login and register

Pages are imported successfully


Set template as “Frontend dashboard” and publish

Set template as “Elementor Canvas” and publish

Now click on “Edit with elementor”

Set breakpoints as bellow

Mobile = 768

Tabet = 992

Laptop = 1200

Widescreen = 1400

Click “Update” button