We have auto-update features similar to WordPress official themes. which is faster than manual.  you can update our theme in a moment just click and update.

if you want to update manually please make sure below.

Before Manual Updating :

  • 1. It Is Always Recommended To Backup Your Current Setup Before Update Your theme
    To take a current backup of your site. Simply go to Theme Options >> Import / Export and export your backup.
  • 2. Do Not Keep Older Copies of The Theme In WP Theme Folder
    You should completely remove all previous theme folders before adding the new updated theme folder. Don’t just rename the theme folder.
  • 3. Reset Browser Cache, Server Cache, And Plugin Cache
    It is always recommended to reset your browser, plugin, and server cache when you update. Visual issues may happen and more often than not, it’s caused by caches, and they need to be emptied.
  • 4. Update Child Theme
  • 5. Update prolancer-element plugin (core)
    If you have copied template files from the parent theme to the child theme, please make sure to revert to the parent theme first to confirm if the issue exists there too. If it doesn’t, please update the templates copied to the child theme with the parent theme.
  • 6. Required & Recommended Plugins Must Be Updated
    When you update the theme, you will see a notification message in your admin telling you the required and recommended plugins need to be updated.